Friday, August 24, 2007

Of Food and Crtiques

Aaaah ... what a way to start the weekend. What a way to end the week!
Sn - this really great woman at work, who is now my really good friend and I, we raced out of office to catch a show of RataTouille. We reached town and as we walked to Sterling to buy the tickets, this young boy of about 8-9 or may be 10-12, I could never tell the age for kids, ya ... so this kid started walking with us and asked for some food. So Sn fished out a bread slice wrapped in foil from her bag and gave it to the boy. The boy, he took a bite, unfolded the folded slice and showed it to us to say there's nothing in/with it. So while Sn is on phone she says she has some salad in her bag and digs out a mayo salad for the boy. Since she's on phone I try to give the boy the salad and since its difficult to fold salad in a slice he's already nibbled at, I ask him to lay out the slice on the salad box's lid. He does as asked and I spread a generous helping of Sn's tasty looking salad on the slice. And now, its all loaded so I'm wondering how will he pick it up, so with Sn still on phone I tell the boy - why don't you eat it off the lid and we'll wait. So there ... he takes a bite ... and just as I'm about to feel the warm glow ... 'just about' I said. The boy goes ... its not nice. Sn and I ask ... what? and he says, "ITS NOT NICE" and even puckers his face to demonstrate the same!! So now he's standing there with Sn's slice and Sn's salad and Sn's box's lid ... not wanting it!How cool is that?! We are dazed for a second and then proceed to get the crazy laugh as he throws it all away to return the lid. He returns it and goes back to asking for Dal-rice; even waves with some style as we walk past after buying the tickets. We? We are still laughing, I more than Sn since I didn't make that salad! I'm just dying because I can't laugh anymore. We are giving him food doesn't mean he has to like our food!
Chef Gusteau would say,"Anyone can cook." I would say, anyone can critique even!! :)
P.S: There's more ... but my eyes are a little tired as I type in the darnkess and shakiness of my car. So more later ...
P.P.S: She's Sn and not S, because S is S.
P.P.P.S: For some weird reason blogger is not showing any of the spaces between the lines!!Why whyyyyy?!


Jack Sparrow said...

Just heard the entire story from Sn herself :) Was laughing my butt off ! Kids these days, I tell you !!

The Nomad said...

I Know!! Loll ... I was relating the story to S and had another half an hour of laughing... it was such fun :)

Serendipity said...

This Sn seems to be a really interesting person ... Why don't you tell us more about her :)

The Big Bad Wolf said...

Sn sounds like a bimbo :)

Its nice to hear abt you guys having so much fun :)

The Nomad said...

@Serendipity : Why the interest ... you into women, eh?

@BBW: You do know that if Sn heard you say that she may just bring her bazooka out :) So you better run for cover!
And fun we are having ... I can smell something burning ... :p