Friday, December 21, 2007

The Oscar Speech

J said the other day that she has her thesis proposal presentation in a few days and I was reminded of the thesis ... Dissertation or a mini-thesis I did as a part of the course requirement for my MBA. The topic I had chosen was something to do with persuasive power of kids, I don't remember too well. What I do remember is putting in as much effort in writing the right acknowledgements - getting the emotion right - not too much, not too little; showing some yet not baring my soul. Not missing anyone. It was about the time the two years were coming to an end and so was a phase of life, it was somehow important to say my thanks. I remember being very happy with the way it had come out and in a strange way being happy about the fact that it will always be there in the library as a proof of what I had to say (frankly, I didn't feel the same about the thesis). So here it is, for all you guys.


It is impossible to fathom and difficult to put in words all that has gone behind this work. I may have been the researcher but behind this work lies the inspiration, ideation and sheer support from many a people. Putting it on paper may help me express the overwhelming gratitude towards all those who have been a part of this work.

My guide Mr. Anand Halve, for always opening that little window which told me that there is much more light you can shine on the surface (or surfaces) or many more windows to look for. For making me go for that little extra and for his constant support and guidance. KEIC for the wealth of priceless knowledge. Milan for making it seem easier than it was. KGK for doing more than I could ever have asked for. Deval for her smiles and help. S and S, for their unwavering faith in me and the constant reminders. To Praks, Nishku, Ashi, Bhati, Rama, Abhiney and Saurabh for being there.

To all my tweeny respondents for trusting me so easily and making me feel justified in making them the subject of my study.

To my parents, for teaching me that if you are going after something that your heart agrees with, you at least won't have to worry about the motivation. For always letting me be what I am. To Didi. To Amit.

To PGPC Batch 2001-2003, for making this place a paradise.

Thanks a lot.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Chandni Raatein

It shouldn’t be allowed that when I have been going for days working like a zombie from 5 in the morning to 1 in the night and walking and living and working with a backache and dreaming of work and doing nothing but work and still in office at 9 PM and someone plays a song and I suddenly miss you so much and I find myself with you on a breezy terrace at Hudson Lines with the night sky stretched above us and we play this song over and over and over again. J, it shouldn’t be allowed.

Why would you?

Its the biggest mystery of all. Why would you get upset with a friend who is among those few who know you as well as anyone does. Why would you stay angry and upset for years. Why would you continue feeling that bit of hurt for years. And then ...

And then, out of the blue, in a moment something completely insignificant happens and it gives you an unexpected joy; and in that moment you know that no one else will understand why this little, stupid, insignificant things has got you so emotional and excited. Except of course this friend, who was a part of that life and knew you in that piece of life. In that moment you miss that friend so much that all you want is to be able to share that joy with that person who would get it. Not that its such a big deal ... but you give up your stupid, unforgiving pride and call another friend to get this friend's number and call. Call to have the most fun random conversation and feel all those years of hurt and anger fall from you. You may never go back to being the way you were and the faint signs of the anger and hurt may not entirely go away but you feel lighter. You are happy that you made that call.

Why would you suddenly forgive and be forgiven? Isn't it the biggest mystery of all?