Thursday, October 30, 2008

Conversation Starters - III

The incident with J that started this whole train of thought.

J goes to a friend's place to visit him, friend is not at home but his roommate is and asks J to hang around and wait for the friend. J decided to do this. While J hangs around a few of the roommate's friends are also around and a girl from this group , in order to be polite and open the conversation attempts a conversation which goes like this:

Friend's roommate's friend (FRF) to J : So ... how many times have you been to the jail?

J : (Splutters, has an utterly shocked expression on face, isn't sure she heard right etc.) Well ... like ... NEVER.

FRF to J : Wow! You never got caught?!

J : (Further shock, disbelief, hysterical laughter starting) Caught doing what?!!

FRF: Oh.

Ha haaaaa. Can you believe that?!!! What I really wonder is the kind of answers this woman is used to getting, which she didn't from J! And J, let us have a talk about you hanging around with shady roommates and I intend to be the elder one in this particular conversation.

Every time J tells this one, by this time in the story I am laughing so hard that I have no clue what happened next and how she got out of this one. Whatever happened next, don't you think this ones takes the cake ... being asked how many times you've been to jail! :D

There's another one ... a story related to me, I'm still deciding whether to tell or not :)

P.S. I do know how to count, thank you. CS-II is still saved as a draft and needs to be completed, I'll be posting it as soon as I find some time!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Converstaion Starters - I

When we come across or are introduced to people we haven't met before, what do we do? We or in some cases 'they' try to start the conversation, so there are plenty of opening lines all of us would have heard over the years, here are some I remember.
  • The common ones, of course, are ... What do you do? Where are you from? Where do you live? What's your name? You live around here? You new around here? etc.
  • Some are rather funny, like this one in a dessert shop, where pointing at what I'm eating this guy asks me 'is it any good?' It was, so I told him its better than it looks but he won't get to find out as I ate the last one! Ha! :)
  • OR a friend of mine asking another friend of mine, with me being right there, 'how do you know this devilish woman?'
  • There are those embarrassing ones where visiting aunts from long past pinch your cheeks and say ... 'she's the one who did this and this when she was young, isn't it?' and the worse , which I have been witness to but never been subjected to ... 'oh, how can I forget you, you are the one my chotu/nikku/bunty wanted to marry when he was in kindergarten!'
  • How about the 'I've heard about you from so and so'!! In reply to which people end up saying silly things like 'i hope it wasn't all bad!' or 'Is that so!I will have to ask him/her what she's been saying about me'. I am very tempted to, just once, out of pure spite say ' I hope he/she didn't tell you what I think about you!' Ha ... would be fun!
  • There are plenty of shopping related ones where either I have or someone around has given friendly invited and uninvited suggestions with merely a wrinkled nose, a thumbs up or an expression. One which I have been asked often exclusively by women in trial rooms and have NEVER asked random strangers is ... 'do you think this is making me look fat?' post which they wave me happy byes and say 'nice-to-meet-yous' and 'thank yous'.
  • I'm sure there are plenty more and I may come back and add them. If you have any you could tell me and would add them too!

I have lots more to say on the topic so there's more to come. I will also post the hilarious incident J told me about which made me think all this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Follow Me, Will You?

You guys, if you are here and you follow this blog you are my follower.!Er, not in the stalking, restraining order way ; not even 'lets march to Dandi and make our own salt' way. No no, not even wag your tail and trail me everywhere like the Hutch (and now Vodaphone) pug way! Just, I check your blog and follow it kind of follower. So if you are one, please be further nice and click on the 'follow this blog' tab on the left hand bar.

Let me clarify and say that this is not an exhibitionist attempt at declaring my popularity to the world. I am popular enough, thank you. Its just that I like the shifting cube that appears there once you have enough followers and I would very much like the shifting cube :)

And for the record, I got my first follower BEFORE I posted this. Love you, Kips!

I (would) Want to Believe

Ok, the post comes many days after it was released, though I watched the movie the very day it hit the theaters (being jobless has its perks!) and started this post, I have been a little caught up so didn't post.

I was and am an X-Files fan, so I was all enthu and went to watch the movie first day, first show. I haven't done that, watched a FDFS, since I watched Gupt on the last day of my 12th std. boards along with the rest of my batch. J, we did not watch any during our glorious DU days?! I'm shocked!

Coming back to X-Files: I want to believe. I did not like. At all. I got a nice high as the opening credits started with the popular theme but that's about all I enjoyed about the movie. For starters, the plot was lame, the story didn't have the zing even their weakest episode on TV used to have. It was a bore, it could at most have been an average movie if it didn't have the X tag OR if it was released during the cold war! But it did have the tag and after all the hype they should have done more to let it stick.

Moreover, Mulder and Scully coming together in the movie was like ... after it happens it has no intrigue. And what's X-files without intrigue?

Sometimes when you go back to a place from your childhood which had huge dimensions in your head you find it looking far smaller and you are disappointed.
So, I am wondering if its me or others thought that as well ...

Anyway, my advice : If you liked X-Files don't go for it, if you didn't you anyway have no reason.