Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Follow Me, Will You?

You guys, if you are here and you follow this blog you are my follower.!Er, not in the stalking, restraining order way ; not even 'lets march to Dandi and make our own salt' way. No no, not even wag your tail and trail me everywhere like the Hutch (and now Vodaphone) pug way! Just, I check your blog and follow it kind of follower. So if you are one, please be further nice and click on the 'follow this blog' tab on the left hand bar.

Let me clarify and say that this is not an exhibitionist attempt at declaring my popularity to the world. I am popular enough, thank you. Its just that I like the shifting cube that appears there once you have enough followers and I would very much like the shifting cube :)

And for the record, I got my first follower BEFORE I posted this. Love you, Kips!


Serendipity said...

I will if you will :D

I didnt notice this thign at all until a coulpa days and started displaig it only today.. :)

The Nomad said...

I did!And now its your turn.

Thanks, Ashwin! :)