Thursday, June 19, 2008

All my bags are packed ...

The reason why the earlier post came today and not tomorrow. :)

Me off for a week's holiday. Will miss you guys much. Please to miss me. Muahhhh.

Sister Saga and Some Cake

Ever since I was a kid every time I heard about the concept of 'sister cities' I found it really interesting. To think that two cities situated in two far off geographic regions (Bokaro and Columbus, US) with no similarities whatsoever (Rajkot and Leicester, UK ??) can be pronounced sisters and will thereafter have a sisterly bond ... SO I thought that when cities are allowed to have (completely unrelated) sisters my dear blog is most definitely up for sistership too!! What better day than its b'day to give this gift.

I hereby declare this blog to be entering into a solemn sisterly vow with this blog and its owner. Not only do these two (blogs, not the owners) share a b'day (20th June'07) but much more.

Ser, I promise that I will laugh with you and cry with you. Also, share the giggles, hysterical laughter and the sniggers. I will dream of blueberry cheesecakes, brownies with you and will fantasize about shoes with you. I will also be there when these dreams and fantasies become realities. I will always share in our common love for bags and Grey's Anatomy; our common dismay at certain people and actions. I will love you faithfully through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy. I will take every opportunity to meet you for long and short chats, quick eats, lazy lunches, quick hugs, rain drenched walks and some bitching. Or else for convos over long phone calls. I will be forever ready to spin our 'barn' stories! I will always want the best for you. What may come I will always be here. Amen!

Happy B'day to us!!

P.S. Isn't that one gorgeous b'day cake?!