Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I (would) Want to Believe

Ok, the post comes many days after it was released, though I watched the movie the very day it hit the theaters (being jobless has its perks!) and started this post, I have been a little caught up so didn't post.

I was and am an X-Files fan, so I was all enthu and went to watch the movie first day, first show. I haven't done that, watched a FDFS, since I watched Gupt on the last day of my 12th std. boards along with the rest of my batch. J, we did not watch any during our glorious DU days?! I'm shocked!

Coming back to X-Files: I want to believe. I did not like. At all. I got a nice high as the opening credits started with the popular theme but that's about all I enjoyed about the movie. For starters, the plot was lame, the story didn't have the zing even their weakest episode on TV used to have. It was a bore, it could at most have been an average movie if it didn't have the X tag OR if it was released during the cold war! But it did have the tag and after all the hype they should have done more to let it stick.

Moreover, Mulder and Scully coming together in the movie was like ... after it happens it has no intrigue. And what's X-files without intrigue?

Sometimes when you go back to a place from your childhood which had huge dimensions in your head you find it looking far smaller and you are disappointed.
So, I am wondering if its me or others thought that as well ...

Anyway, my advice : If you liked X-Files don't go for it, if you didn't you anyway have no reason.

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