Monday, December 17, 2007

Why would you?

Its the biggest mystery of all. Why would you get upset with a friend who is among those few who know you as well as anyone does. Why would you stay angry and upset for years. Why would you continue feeling that bit of hurt for years. And then ...

And then, out of the blue, in a moment something completely insignificant happens and it gives you an unexpected joy; and in that moment you know that no one else will understand why this little, stupid, insignificant things has got you so emotional and excited. Except of course this friend, who was a part of that life and knew you in that piece of life. In that moment you miss that friend so much that all you want is to be able to share that joy with that person who would get it. Not that its such a big deal ... but you give up your stupid, unforgiving pride and call another friend to get this friend's number and call. Call to have the most fun random conversation and feel all those years of hurt and anger fall from you. You may never go back to being the way you were and the faint signs of the anger and hurt may not entirely go away but you feel lighter. You are happy that you made that call.

Why would you suddenly forgive and be forgiven? Isn't it the biggest mystery of all?


Dusty Fog said...

Glad to have you back. And yes, i have never been able to understand how a strong bond suddenly loses it's strength over something, in the larger scheme of things is of no consequence at all. But that is why life is what it is eh?!!!!

The Nomad said...

Thank you! :) And ya ... that's why life is what it is. It would be too bland without all this.