Monday, December 17, 2007

Chandni Raatein

It shouldn’t be allowed that when I have been going for days working like a zombie from 5 in the morning to 1 in the night and walking and living and working with a backache and dreaming of work and doing nothing but work and still in office at 9 PM and someone plays a song and I suddenly miss you so much and I find myself with you on a breezy terrace at Hudson Lines with the night sky stretched above us and we play this song over and over and over again. J, it shouldn’t be allowed.


Dusty Fog said...

wistful...but beautiful isn't it? to be transported into THAT world in the midst of all the chaos...those moments are so damn fantastic...but yes, coming back to reality....that's a journey i wouldn't want....: (

The Nomad said...

Ya, but in the midst of the most chaotic moment is when that memory means the most too. So painful as they might be,I would hope to keep having these flashes.