Monday, September 24, 2007

Manhattan Guy

Being unwell and feeling horrible has some benefits, you can be at home on a Monday evening - sniffing, coughing, stiff AND writing a post and watching the Final :)

Last week I was watching Sex and the City season 2, in one of the episodes Carrie sets up a date for Miranda and this is how the conversation goes:

Guy: I have not been out of Manhattan for 10 years now.
Miranda: Really? And you are proud of that? You never feel like going out?
Guy: No. What is there to see outside Manhattan? Anything you may ever need is right here. (and he goes on to wax lyrical ... I forgot what all he says)
Miranda: I need to go feed my cat (which is a code to slip out of a sad party/bad date)

I bet she would agree to feeding even the neighbor's cat to get out of something like that! :D


Dusty Fog said...

I am hoping that the result of y'day's game has left you feeling much better. Although feeding the cat is totally justified in this case, at times such feeding of the cat or wanting to feed the cat happens with not so boring bloody guys ya....what's with that....: (

The Nomad said...

The game definitely did that :)

And Dusty dude ... don't lose heart, I'm sure there's a girl out there with no cat whatsoever (real or imaginary)

Ashwin said...

Being sick and at home is AWESOME! If nothing, you get to read so much!

The Nomad said...

Yaaaa!Anyway I love lazy afternoons with napping and reading and napping and reading and ... :)

Though being really unwell and alone at home gets me depressed at times.More than 12 years of being away from home and I still get homesick, I guess I'm never going to get used to staying away from my parents.