Monday, October 8, 2007

Not bad at all

The current presidential elections in Pakistan reminded me of something. A few days ago while browsing through TV channels I stopped to find Mr. Prabhu Chawla interviewing Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. For the ignorant ones, Prabhu Chawla hosts a talk show with celebrities from politics, bollywood, sports, business ... everywhere. There's even a spoof of his show on MTV/V called 'Prabhu Bawla'. Now, I have an intense dislike for Mr. Chawla, I am still in the process of discovering all reasons for this but mainly, I think he's an arrogant prick, which may be he needs to be and is part of his persona etc., but I don' have to like it, do I?
So, he's interviewing Benazir and the discussion is about whether Gen. Musharraf will get to be the president and with or without uniform etc. and then ...

Benazir: Things are different for you (implying in India), you go and make a nuclear scientist your President.

PC : Ya, but then our scientists do not go and sell our nuclear technology to other countries. (accompanied with this smirking laugh)

Imagine! I say, not bad at all Mr. Chawla. You just might have redeemed yourself in my eyes!


Serendipity said...

lol! Redeemed is right!

Dusty Fog said...

long time no post....: (

The Nomad said...

Hi Dusty, I know and I apologise!Though there have been many things I have been wanting to post about ...its been a lil crazy.Hope to make it up post Thursday! :)

Dusty Fog said...

apology ain't accepted, since none required...: ) Was about to leave you a line asking if all was well at your end since you had disappeared for quite some time...glad to know that you are doing all right. Will read, whenever you decide to put up your next post....: )

Incidentally ever done a trip via road from Bangalore to Goa? Would you know if it's a decent drive?Going there for a wedding next month. Contemplating a drive...let's see..ciao and take care...!!!

Dusty Fog said...

one more thing...try not to assume that ALL men have a problem with being the home maker....: )

The Nomad said...

@Dusty : haven't been on that route but I'm a big fan of road trips from anywhere to anywhere! and this drive would be large part oceanic drive so should be good!:) make sure you buy the road atlas

And hey,what's that about? The homemaker bit ... im a lil lost.

Dusty Fog said...

i just left a note here, but it doesn't seem to show i guess i shall leave another one.

firstly, when are you going to write next? Jaldi madam...: )
secondly, nice that you do respond to comments left here, so we know you are well...!!!
Thirdly, i am all excited about the road trip to goa, but just wish it didn't have to be on my own...and yes, i shall get myself the road atlas...!!!!
and finally, the homemaker bit is in relation to a comment you had left on "Bohemian rhapsody" sometime ago....: )

The Nomad said...

Hey Dusty,I've put a post ... if only to say what I'm going to say :)

And I love travel with company as well as on my own!Have done plenty of both.

Will have to hunt for that comment coz I don't remeber what I said!