Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Morning After

I just love the morning after. I mean, after the night I finish a book. It feels like waking up to a new world, each time.It feels like whatever world I was living in has come to an end, reached its culmination and when I wake up I have the chance to choose an entirely new one for myself. Padding to the stack of new, unread books ; picking them up, reading the back covers, inside panels; rolling them around my head; thinking about what had made me buy the book, deciding what it is that I feel like diving into and finally settling down to it. Its a completely amazing feeling. A feeling that no candy shop, dessert shop even shoe shop examples can describe. The joys that we live for :)


Kippie® said...

Haha... the title really had me in! What book DID you finish? ... my 4th week as a housewife and i have read nothing!! Shame!

The Nomad said...

He He ... it was supposed to!

I finished reading the Blind Assassin and then in a nostalgic mood started reading The Thornbirds a second time (read it long back), finished that yesterday :) started on Saving Fish from Drowning now

And we should compare notes!It took me some time, just to accept that I could laze and do nothing! Read on...