Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can anyone guide me on this?

My aunt who lives in Sydney is a very active member of the India-Club and has also been relaying the sentiments of those in Bombay to the community there. She wrote to me regarding the procedure to help those families who have suffered. I am posting her message here and would be thankful if any of you can tell me how to go about this.

Her Message:
A friend of mine would like to raise funds for one particular Police constable from Uttaranchal (Dehradun) who was amongst first casuality - his name is Rajinder Singh. She felt his family may find it very tough to survive financially so she intends to raise substantial amount for his family, especially for the education of his children. What are your thoughts on this? If we do this, how we can make sure that the money reaches his family and does not get lost in the system? Your advice will be very valuable on this.

They key questions are:
  • How to find and contact Rajinder Singh's family?
  • What is the best way to send this aid?
  • How to make sure it reaches the family directly?


The knife said...

@Nomad: Thanks a lot for directing me to your blog
I think I have a friend who knows people in the police. I'll check if he can help us find Mr Rajinder Singh's family.
The post on the hospitals are helpful too
Kainaz and I were just discussing how to help the hospitals today. i will call them and find out

The Nomad said...

Thanks a lot!That would be a huge help.

And I would suggest you read this before calling them

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Since I believe you have the contacts to find Mr. Singh's family, I'll just comment on the other two.

Ans 2 and 3 can be combined if you can wire transfer the money to an account. This depends on the existence of an account.

Alternately, a draft would be just fine if you get the address of the family.

The most effective way of help however is to help the family open an account in the Indian Post Office Savings account and allow for the interest to be paid out monthly and an income source.

There are various other options. But these are the 3 easiest

karmickids said...

Hey Nomad: I have relatives in Dehradun, let me check if they can help with an address. *Smites forehead*
Thanks for mentioning

karmickids said...

Hey Nomad, could you please email me your aunt's contact details at A relative who is an ex-army personnel retired and now living in Dehradun will get in touch with her and mail her the details...

The Nomad said...

Hi and sorry about the delayed response!

Madhurjya, thanks a lot, I will communicate these options.

Kiran, thanks to you too!Will send you her details right away.

Parul, as I said ... you rock! :)