Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy birthday, Mommy!

Facebook, Google, my phone, people everyone has been reminding me it's your birthday. Like I could ever forget! Like any of us could. I have been thinking about your last birthday, your sixtieth, you share your birthday with my aunt, your soulmate and you both celebrated it together. We all did the pre-celebrations at Neemrana Fort, stayed at the beautiful room which used to be the king's courtroom in the 15th century, had time under the stars, walks, dinners, pool and photo-sessions. We came back home to have a house full of people, lunch with family and dinner with your friends. J was here so was your darling Ayaan. All of us were together. You looked so beautiful and the photos tell me how happy we all were.

You loved your birthday so much and received all the love, adoration, gifts and wishes with such joy that the giver felt like he/she was the fortunate one, being able to be a part of your infectious happiness. You welcomed the party, the plans papa made, the zillion calls to wish you, everything in a way that said  - of course! its my birthday, it ought to be special and happy! I look back and realize that while we all want love, you knew how to give it in a happy way and to receive it with joy. Your family, your friends, your people have been calling me all day because they are missing you, because they don't know where to send the love they have for you, because they don't want your children to feel that they are alone. I don't know if I will ever be 'not alone' anymore but I have to say it helps and it moves me in a way I can't explain. 

It's your birthday but don't worry, you will always be young, like you always wanted. You will always be beautiful and laughing, like you wanted to be. And how do I wish you all the love in the world? You already have it, from so many people.  Happy birthday, Mommy. I miss you. 

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Dusty Fog said...

Its a very old post. If you happen to see my message, I hope you remember who this is. I am looking at my own blog after years today. I saw the comments section, saw your name, and thought I'll come say hi.