Monday, July 9, 2007

One way or another, Mr. Borg.

Mannn, that was some match, wasn't it?! As both Federer and Nadal played to meet our dear Mr. Bjorn Borg's records - Federer to be the next one to win his 5th Wimbledon singles title and Nadal to win French Open and Wimbledon singles back to back.

It became even more exciting as I realllly wanted Nadal to win and S was dying for Federer to win the 5th time. Both of us cheered and booed and got into small petty fights over it all, good fun :) Finally, Federer won and I'm a little disappointed, and even teased S by saying that Nadal made Federer cry!! :) Still, I'm all praise for the game both of them played, I have to agree with Federer when he gracefully said,"I was the lucky one today". It could have been any one of them.

I love the fact that Nadal was able to push it to the point where Federer had to fight it till the last shot and could not assume that the win was his for taking. The emotion when he finally won was that of relief and much more; I'm sure he values it more because he almost didn't get it! And I like Nadal not just because he has this wildness about him (at least to my eyes) and that he can come challenge a champion on his home ground (or surface) and push it this far. I may agree to their brilliance but I don't like people who are too perfect and invisible; I like people who can challenge that in another person. Hey, I have no personal animosity with Federer; but isn't a girl allowed to have her favorites!!

In the end, as I said, it was some game! And it felt monumental just sitting there at home, watching it on my TV and being a part of it.

Just as a separate point ... My interest in Mr. Borg is because he played and looked like a god! He's still god, I guess. Yesterday he sat there looking all distinguished, and so tense! It looked like his own two sons (I have no clue if he has any) were battling it out and he couldn't decide which one we wanted to see as winner! But 27 years to see your record matched, has to be a record of sorts.

At this point I have to mention S, as his years of enthusiastic storytelling about the history and details of various sports has gotten me into it. He's like a walking encyclopedia on this stuff. Sometimes the stories are just fascinating, sometimes just the look on his face as he tells them is :)


Rohan said...

A sports blog of all things!! How horrible!! :)

Ive always been a bit mystified by the way people around me enjoy watching other people play sports. I can understand playing it yourself or even watching yr friends play, but ive never been able to commit myself to sit and watch any match from start to finish on TV :)

Serendipity said...

Im POSITIVE if it involved two women, objectionable dressing and some sort of physical assault/Mud wrestle/cat fight kinda scene, Rohan would watch start-to-finish AND HOW. heh heh.

im so dissappointed, i wrote a whole post and it got deleted. and obviously i dont feel like re writing. Being sick sucks. :((

The Nomad said...

I have to agree with Jazz!! Are you sure you don't enjoy watching ANY kind of sport, Rohan :)

In my defence ... what interests me goe son the blog! Simple. And then, its better than no posts at all or only weekend update posts :p

Rohan said...

Jazz, I agree with the 2 women and objectionable dressing bit coz that wouldnt be a sport that would be entertainment.
Nomad, i take it the sports you are referring to are the non-Olympic variety? :)
And cheap shot on the weekend update posts!! :)

Ashwin said...

Should've known... Mr Borg couldn't possibly have been a Star Trek reference!

Personally, i hate watching sports on TV. Except mock wrestling... but that doesn't really count as a "sport" :)

The Nomad said...

Hi Ashwin :)

I do like watching some sports. For me, its like ... I love to watch and be a part of theatre and plays but I love the movies as well :)