Saturday, July 7, 2007

Season ... oops, reason for absence

Not that I have a big fan following but there are people who watch this space; plus I have been missing writing anything especially since there are a hazaar things that have been on my mind and I want to write about. There are even a few unfinished posts sitting in the drafts ... so this post is just about why I haven't been posting anything. Because I have been busy ...
  • Travelling

  • Following J around the country; she's in India till July end and I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with her.

  • Working my ass off

  • Feeling bone tired and sleepy every waking moment (which on bad days run into 18-20 hours)

  • Even with all the running around, spending time with S

  • And yes, past few months have been filled with people ... spending time with my family and close friends (this is not a regular feature as most of them don't stay around me). I have had more house guests than I can count (or remember) ...

  • Feeling like I'm bored, and wanting to quit my job simply because I'm not thrilled about it anymore and just chill at home (don't know if I can stomach this beyond 3 days, but I do want to find out)

  • Reading during my longggg morning commutes and napping/ catching up on the phone calls during the commute back

  • Communicating with all friends who are not around me

There, that is almost it. I feel like I have more to do than I right now have time and energy for! But does that mean I won't do all this? Low chance.

In places this sounds like a crib post. Its not, its just my explanation to myself about what exactly is it that I have been so busy with. And now I know! Anyway, isn't that what my blog is about? to be in on my physical reality and the parallel surreal.


ezekiel said...

"Two parallel streams of activity - the daily objectivity and the infinite eternity. Each, more real than reality itself."

i'll be looking forward to your next few posts.

Rohan said...

Id love to quit my job and retire early. then i can do all the travel and million other things i want to do

The Nomad said...

Ya ... but for me its much more immediate, its RIGHT NOW.