Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

It was my mommy's birthday yesterday! And this sunny, bright cake is just right for her! Happy Birthday, Mom!

She had a fantastic day though every time I talked to her she said I should have been there, which I wanted to this year but my plan to go to Jaipur got postponed. My dad has been planning her b'day for some time and GET THIS, he gifted her a Blushing Read Hyundai I10!!

They have a Ford currently but my mom has been saying for some years that she wanted a new small car and that a 'red car' was her dream since she was a little girl (every time she said that I told her she's still a lil girl!), so dad decided it was time to fulfill her wish. They got the delivery of the vehicle about a week back and every time I asked if they had taken it out Dad would say 'oh its raining' 'weather isn't good' 'we were going only around the corner' etc. and yesterday it dawned on stupid me that of course he was saving it for yesterday! So they took it out yesterday to go and buy desserts and last minute stuff for the b'day party.

Incidentally, my youngest bua (dad's sis), who is my favorite aunt and also my mom's best friend, shares her birthday (Happy Birthday to you too, Bua!!). So mom dad picked her up and the two birthday girls had a fun ride in the red car :)

From what I hear the party was a hit, with people who came for tea staying for dinner as well!My mom refused to cut the cake so poor dad got pastries instead. They told me it was nearly perfect, I believe them. I also wish that J and I were there.

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I wanted to be there :( -- J