Saturday, July 5, 2008

That Place

I will write about the place and put pictures but here's a look of where I was. I took these pictures from the flight and you can see the seabed in the first one ... can you imagine how clear the water must be!!

I have to do the following things in the coming few days:
  • Complete the post I started writing about 'that place'.
  • Find a software to watermark the images.
    • I am very proud of my photographic skills and I think even S is damn good. I would like to create a website to sell the million pictures we already have (and the billion we will have in some time) at exorbitant rates some day (in the near future).
  • Post a picture of the super hot stilettos Ser and I bought for me yesterday.
    • FYI : They are a pair of peeptoe-slingbacks. Wine color. Patent leather finish. We will not think about what we paid for it.
    • Ser, I took the advise and I'm breaking them in. Much to my bai's amusement at my current look - worn out shorts, oldest t-shirt, duster in hand, stilettos in place! :D
  • Finish cleaning my home, make it look super chic!
  • Get groceries.
  • Have dinner with Abhi. Abhi is my favoritest cousin, in fact 'cousin' is not enough to explain my relationship with him - he's my brother, friend and someone who is a part of countless crazy childhood memories for me. He's just moved to Bombay 4 days back and I haven't met him yet. He's going to be in the same city as me ... yayyyyy!! :) :)
  • Take care of my guests for the next 5 days.
  • Go visit my favorite aunt at Pune, which has to be next week.
  • Not feel overwhelmed and sad by a friend's situation, find ways for her to set it right.


Jack Sparrow said...

Wow !! Where is this !! I am waiting for your post about "that place" :)

Dusty Fog said...

welcome back. super snaps.

The Nomad said...

Hey Jack, I'm done with almost everything on that list and I'm back in town. Phewwww. Will post the promised post SOON.

Dusty, thanks!!! :)

Ashwin said...

Hey... y'know, as far as I can remeber, this is your second post about stuff you need to post next. What I dont remember is if you actually posted all the stuff you promised to post the last time


The Nomad said...

Ashwin, guilty as charged!I didn't the last time but I intend to this time around :)

Kippie® said...

i totally loved this one....:)