Thursday, March 5, 2009


As I stood at the airport waiting for my luggage to arrive, back from my 20 day trip, I thought to myself that once the stuff arrives I will say with a sigh that my trip is over and it was all very good. This is precisely what I did. I should have waited a few days.

I twisted my foot badly a few days into the trip and since it didn't trouble so much I went on with the high heels, dance till you drop routine. One wedding and four places later I was in Jaipur and all geared up for the next wedding - where my childhood friend was getting married to my school friend!That done, when the foot started paining I popped a few painkiller's and went on with the next wedding. This was my favorite aunt's son - one of my favorite cousin getting married, so for five days it was running around, managing the things, dancing around, no sleep, meeting up everyone, lots of laughter, marathon dance sessions, food, jewelry, heels et all. It was so much fun that I was beginning to wonder that something would go wrong but it (seemingly) didn't and I was back in Bombay.

Sigh.The foot still paining, turning a ghastly shade of black so I went to the doc, he took a look and pronounced a very un-healed, very torn ligament, at a very sensitive place. Sob sob. He also glared at me and lectured me about not turning up earlier. It didn't help a bit that he called it a 'text book case' and caused much undisguised glee and dekkho among the three sidekick student-doctors who were hovering. One of them even went on to exclaim in an excited voice about how she had read about it the very same day. Thanks, hopefully my ligament would be as happy to know this. SO. Foot in bandage (since
the time for a cast and crutch is long past) for ten days, where no walking on this foot, only being at home and wallowing in misery. This will be followed by more X-rays to rule out hairline fractures, followed by physiotherapy (since we didn't start in time ... I get it, I'm the villain in my own story!!). It'll be a few (painful) months before its all well.

Me at home. Only reading, watching TV, surfing, sleeping, phoning(!) and eating. No going out (you may not all the time but you need to know you can!). No walking around. There are of course pluses like friends dropping in with goodies (nariyal pani, chocolates, sandwiches!Thanks, May.) and pretty flowers (below. Thanks, Amrita!), sympathetic and loving phone calls, S being all caring etc.

P.S. All you
buri nazar walas, who said with malice and not joy in your hearts that I was always roaming about, gallivanting, off-to, travelling; I will give you more once I'm up and running! Till then a 'muh kala'.
All you wonderful people who said it with joy and camaraderie, much love and may you get to do all the travelling you want in life! (Can also say 'muh safed' if you so wish!)


hitch writer said...

mera muh kala ?


where is the face wash !! tsk tsk

Parul said...

Aw, this sucks but it's a minor thing for a born traveller, right? You will be up and about in no time, I am dead sure. See ya around soon!

Ashwin said...

look who decided to start blogging regularly... wheeee!!!

The Nomad said...

Hitch writer, malice?Really? Naaah ... I don't think so :)

Thanks Parul, for the vote of confidence!

And Ashwin, lets say its the silver lining in my lame cloud ;)

Serendipity said...

damn, that means u wont make it tomo :(

hitch writer said...

not malice well,,, jealous big time !!

The knife said...

Hey Nomad, thanks for dropping in. Hope you can put on your travelling boots soon and begin crossing your list of places you would like to go back to again...or better still, create a new list

The Nomad said...

Thanks, the Knife!

Its the eternal dual ... go back for more of the same or lust for the new :) can't have enough of either!

The knife said...

assuming you aren't a rajkumari or Bertie Wooster's sister, i'd say go for the new. Its not marriage one's talking of after all :)

Ronnie said...

Oh ho! This seems to be a season of ankle injuries :-/ An ankle injury is SUCH a bleddy pain-my ankle is just getting better and Ive resolved to treat the little fellow with lots of care and respect.
I hope your ankle heals real soon :)