Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They Said It

One of the families I was visiting for one the (many) weddings I attended recently had an aquarium with many colorful fish. Needless to say the thing was a magnet for the swarm of kids running the place over. One kid who must be around 2-3 years old is observing the fish and suddenly runs to approach the aunt the house belongs to and with hands on his hips says in his best accusatory tone ,"Aapki machliyan doob rahi hain!"

Who was it again, saying that 'Saving Fish From Drowning' is a stupid title for a book?!
Being the patient listener to my gripe about 'its the humidity!' frizzing up my hair, Ser and Aj gifted me a bubblegum pink hair straightener for my b'day. All excited about it ,I'm busy putting it to wonderful use before a party when S walks into the room, looks at me all bewilderment and exclaims,"Why are you stapling your hair with the giant stapler!" :D He's adorable, isn't he?
S and I are watching the Oscars. The Slumdog Millionaire team is on stage to receive the Best Picture award, there's much applause and noise etc. After a little while Nanda didi - our housekeeper and cook, comes in and sounds all excited and worked up when she asks me - wo chawli ke bacchhon ko prize mila kya? (did the children from the chawl/slum win the award?) She's watched the movie on (an obviously pirated) CD and his son is in love with it, wanting to watch parts of it once everyday.

I do not have the heart to get into the nitty gritties of the movie and not the children being nominated and so on, so I just tell her that they did. She's ecstatic!

To me all the print space CCs and airtime wasted on whether India can claim the movie as its own or not are stupid in that moment. If a kid from the slum (and his mother) feels that its the story of him and other kids like him, who are we to play spoilsport?


hitch writer said...

my son always 3 year old always asked me the same... why doesnt the fish drown...!! now he is about to turn 5 and he understood !!! thank god for that !

Varunavi said...

Came to ur blog through hitch writer.
My daughter asks me why fish don't fly?
Why are you stapling your hair with the giant stapler!"--- loved this

OrangeJammies said...

S is the funniest! Ask him to tell you about Igatpuri. ;0) And we still need to get together...this lifetime, preferably!

The Nomad said...

Hitchwriter and Varunavi, how are you not torn between the two - wishing that your kid understands AND wishing that the kid doesn't and keeps saying such funny things!

OJ,I think drastic action is required to rectify the situation. I suggest a high-power committee be set-up immediately to look into the situation.:)