Monday, March 3, 2008

No big deal this

I had enough of saying I wanted a break and not doing anything about it. Also considering that my work had come to take over my life so much, I think it was about time I stepped out of that zone and looked at things with new eyes (maybe my new haircut will help)

Now, I ONLY need to get used to ...
  • Getting to sleep as much as I want!! (no more waking up at unearthly hours to finish work!!!)
  • NOT multi-tasking all the time. i.e. not have brekky and watch TV and check mail at the same time because I would find time to do each one of them. Right now I'm having to pace myself and tell myself this time and again. I'm behaving a lil like that kid who has been deprived of chocolates for years and has now been let out at a chocolate mountain and so is gorging away. I hope I don't end up with a tummy ache :)
  • Not keeping my fav. lip balm and a 100 other things in my bag all the time. Oh no, that means I will need to find a place for them at home ...
  • Not dial 0 when I pick up my land line phone to make a call :)
  • Getting the time to finish reading a book in 3 days
  • Not walking around with speed and purpose as if the world depends on me (to think of it ... do I really need to walk slower?)
  • Not being bone tired and sleepless all the time
  • Not having two laptops
  • Having lazy mornings at home with S around and lazing in the sun and relaxed breakfasts and worldspace
  • You know those printout of monthly calendars from Outlook? Not have every day of my next 2,3 or even 4 months planned out in different colored pens on those and pinned around me. (yeahhh, I do know how that sounds)
  • Going to a multiplex and watching two movies one after another on a weekday
  • Being around to call my mom dad at all times - I'm kind of cold turkeying as my parents left for a 2 month trip to Australia last week so I'm not able to make numerous calls to them in a day like I used to, at least not without accounting and planning for the time difference, them being out etc. Did I say how much I like my parents? Not just love, but 'like'? Ok, I'll soon rectify that but for now - they are adorable and much fun and I'm ... MISSING THEM TO NO END! :( :(

To be continued ... as I'm going to run some errands now but I'm sure things will keep hitting me :)


Anonymous said...

How come nothing about your lovely sister? Don't you "like" her?

The Nomad said...

Loll.Anyone reading this blog would know that I more than 'like' her :)

While writing this I realised I haven't ever mentioned anything about my like for my mom dad - may be because they are there with me and I'm missing them more coz they are away.
My sis is anyway far far away which is why missing her is not new for me ... besides we are always talking so my break doesn't really change that.

I think I know who this question might be from ... come out you!

Dusty Fog said...

WoW...there is two of YOU?!!! One is obviously spoken for. Is the other too?!!!
Love the 0 dial damn true....I wish I could do just about nothing too...: )Kepp enjoying it...!!

The Nomad said...

Lolll. Of course there are two of us but you already know that, Dusty! J is my sis ... and yes she's spoken for - but you know that too! Remember me saying that my sis's choice - A is the friend who wrote me that mail.

(Grrr.Don't I wish I could just say the names!)

And thanks, I intend to keep enjoying :)

Ashwin said...

Hey... so what do you do if you have two (or more) friends/family members/pets whose names share a common first, second and third alphabet

The Nomad said...

Ashwin, I simply re-christen them :)

Dusty Fog said...


Ashwin said...

Hahaha... good plan