Monday, March 17, 2008

Paint it Red!

Some days back I painted my toenails RED. For the first time. Here they are, in the company of my red shoes and turquoise booties, sunning themselves outside the Itmad-ud-Daulah tomb in Agra :) In fact I have painted them an even brighter red since then

It excited me (and a few others) sooo much and they just made me feel so good that I had to report it to PK. So I set out to tell my dear friend PK about it during one of our marathon phone conversations. This is how it went :

Me : You know what? I painted my toes RED. For the first time ever in my life!Yipee!!
PK: Really?
Me: Absolutely! (more yipee etc.)
PK: So you are saying that, the only time, the very first time you colored your hair you went and got magenta highlights BUT you've never painted your toes red?
Me: Uh, ya, I guess that's what I'm saying ...

P.S. Aren't those toe rings damn nice? (Enlarge to see them) I loveeee them.


Ashwin said...

Ah... so it's not just shoes that women are obsessed with... it's "booties", toe rings, anklets and generally, anything to do with feet aye?

Anonymous said...

You are nuts! They look damn cute though. RED is great!

On a slightly different note, My name is red by orhan pamuk has a section on color red. It is brilliant. makes you feel everything should be red! -- J

The Nomad said...

Ashwin: Shoes are above all else. And then if you have time at hand and pretty feet :) ...

J!!Lets celebrate your presence (finally)on my blog. That's your second comment!!
I am nuts, but you know that better than anyone else :)
Aren't they so cute!But then you know that too ... you are the original Red Woman.
Will find this book you mention. Love you :)