Saturday, March 1, 2008

Days of the New

As I'm lying down on the cool floor of my living room, head pillowed on my crossed arms, looking out the large window with the yellow curtains towards the blue blue sky and the swaying bright wooden fish wind chimes I got from Colombo, I'm suddenly struck by the thought. I smile and stretch and say it aloud. It's been a week.

It's been a week since I quit my job, completed my notice period and then a lil bit extra, finished all the work, cleared my desk, wrote the customised farewell mails, said goodbyes, took backup of my documents, thanked my boss for the lunch, the gift and walked out of the place I have been working at for the past five years. Out of the place which was almost home(!), work I loved and people I liked - some more than others :). WOOOOHOOOOOO. It's been a week!

In the past week, I started writing many times and then didn't post as what came out didn't sound finished. I kept thinking ... what if whatever I'm thinking and feeling changes tomorrow, let me give myself time for things to sink in and so I didn't post. Now, lying on the cold floor with a week behind me, a week in which I only read, slept, spent sunny mornings with S, met people, watched movies, watched TV, cooked, chatted with people, listened to music, slept some more; I believe that while it may take me some time to get over some things - I can do this.

More than one person told me - I would love to be in your place any day! and here I am, still taking it a day at a time. Tiptoeing and worried that any moment I'm going to feel that it's too much and I need the hectic pace of work back. For once in my life I have taken a decision that is as much rational as from the heart and I'm only beginning to enjoy this emptiness I wanted and never had. It just makes me think that change is no doubt the only constant and the things that you fear changing the most are may be the ones needing it most.


The Nomad said...

Just thought will answer this before it gets asked - No, I'm not. :)

Ashwin said...

I be that more than one person
I be wanting to be in your place.
Stupid job!

and... welcome back... FINALLY!

Dusty Fog said...

Hey...good to see you again..and very very nice to know you feeling so at peace with the world and content...: )
That last line is pure bullseye...keep writing please...and enjoy what you have right now...who knows how long it may last....: )

The Nomad said...


Ashwin,you could teach me whatever you do and I could bail you out on a few days by disguising myself as you and going to your office in your place! That would be good fun,ya? It would be all for a price, of course. :D

Hi Dusty, I'm more fluctuating between contentment and hysteria right now. And I intend to enjoy both :)
What's up with you? No post in almost three months now! Very baddd.

Serendipity said...

:( Lunch breaks suck. i dont like you ive decided.

The Nomad said...

Awwww. Ser, I like our post lunch chats though :) We should make them a regular feature

Call me whenever you are taking a break ... I don't call you during the day on workdays coz I know you would be busy! We should do our Saturday outing this weekend ...

Dusty Fog said...

Cant write any more seems like....forgot how to i guess....: (

The Nomad said...

Er ... that's horrible, Dusty!!!Watcha gonna do now? Will you have to go back to kindergarten? What if meanwhile you meet a super cute girl and she asks for your number and you have to say ... I'm sorry but I've forgotten to write :p

Loll ... don't be silly, you don't get to unlearn writing, cycling and swimming that easily. All you need is something you want to write about.

Ashwin said...

If by "price" you mean "lend books and movies", I'm game :)

The Nomad said...

Wow!You got it! The price can wait coz I bought 6 books yesterday, lets work on the disguise part :)

Ashwin said...

Hmmm... you need only to have a stupid look on your face and the ability to stare at the monitor for hours, zombielike, occasionally letting drool slide down your mouth. You'll do just fine if you can manage this
Now, I need to plan my vacation!